Making Mary's Hanukkah Dreams Come True with @Springfree Trampoline

I am a Springfree Trampoline Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

For Hanukkah this year, I wanted to get Mary something fun that she could enjoy a lot. She already has so many toys that you can barely get in her room, but one thing she loves is to be outside, even when it's cold. She hates being in the house so my husband and I thought she was ready for a trampoline!

Thanks so Springfree Trampoline, we were able to get a trampoline for her Hanukkah gift and I'm here to show you how we put it together. The first step was to connect the outer frames in the oval shape. This was pretty easy until we got to the last one and then we needed two people to do it.

Next, we put the legs in their slots to get ready for the next step which was getting the middle divider in.

Next we put the middle dividers in the legs and then flipped it over to stand up. We then laid the mat inside so we could see where to put it.

Next came the white spokes. We put them in the holes making sure to connect the net to them as well.

Now this next step was the hardest of all and really needed about four people. We had to connect the white spokes to the underneath of the mat which was difficult and couldn't have been done without at least two people. Of course the trampoline started to slide around on the ground too so we ended up pushing it up against the house to make sure it wouldn't go anywhere!

Then we pulled the net to the top of the mat and then started to put the black poles around the outside. And for the last step, we attached the net to the poles and there you had it. A finished trampoline! Now I do want to state that I tied red ribbons around the trampoline because it's a surprise for my daughter. This is not part of the assembly so please don't think a Springfree Trampoline should have red ribbons around it!

The installation itself wasn't hard except that you will need men to do this. I couldn't have done this at all myself and my husband needed the help of someone else to hold things steady and even push. He really did need another guy to help him and I was the only helper around!

The trampoline really is going to be the perfect gift for Hanukkah! Can you imagine Mary's face when she sees it? We have a lot of land around our house so right now we're going to hide it in some of the trees so she doesn't see it for another week when Hanukkah starts.

What I really like about Springfree Trampoline is all the safety features too. The net makes jumping much safer and the entire trampoline is so secure I feel confident with her on it. It's also only built for one person and there are no flips allowed so you know it's a good trampoline that's meant for kids. Springfree also tells you to always supervise and keep a 4ft clearance around the net too.

So what do you think? Would you get a Springfree Trampoline for your kids?