EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest App

If your kids love to find hidden objects, then they'll love playing EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest. In this new app, you get certain objects you have to find within a certain time frame to beat each level.

In the easier levels, you'll have to find one thing to move onto the next level. Also, if you find your one allotted item, you can also find other items that are given up at the top. The only thing I didn't like about the app was one of the things you have to find sometimes is beer and I didn't approve of that for a kids game.

The characters are all anime type animals and there are a lot of levels too. I played for about ten minutes and got to level 12 but I was not even half way to the end. There were so many levels so it's perfect to give to kids to keep them busy!

Currently the app is available in the Google Play store for free!