Shopping at Cato

As a fashion lover, one of my favorite places to shop is at Cato. I love all the choices they have, plus I love the quality of the clothes. The outfits are adorable and the prices are even better! Cato is such an affordable option for anyone wanting to look good on a budget.

If you've never been in Cato before, they offer Juniors, Misses, and Plus sized clothes all in the same store. I've been shopping in Cato since I was a teenager. My grandmother was a plus sized woman so we would be able to go shopping together at the same place which was very nice.

Cato also offers undergarments as well so you can pretty much get anything you need there including shoes and jewelry. It's always been one of my favorite places to shop because you can get everything you need for an outfit right in one spot.

Usually when I'm in Cato, I head over to the jewelry to make sure my outfits will all match too! Recently I was challenged to head over to Cato to see how many outfits, including jewelry, I could make with just $50. It probably couldn't be done right? Well I wanted to see if I could!

So here's my bag of purchases after shopping for about an hour. And how many outfits did I get for $50 at Cato? You'll find out in my follow up post so make sure to watch for it!