Why Protecting Your Computer Is Needed @HotSpotShield

As an ambassador and personal user of HotSpot Shield, I recommend them as your security app for all your devices! 

Mary loves playing on the computer so much. A lot of her home-school takes place on the computer too and since my husband and I both work at home, you can see that our home computer is very important to us. So you can only imagine our shock when we came home one night to see that the computer had a huge problem on it.

The computer had been fine before we left for the store but when we came home, it was totally frozen. So my husband decided to restart it but when it did, it wouldn't let us click on anything. Documents, pictures, anything you can think. And it couldn't find my internet connection either.

It took my poor husband hours just to get my computer to let him put it back to a previous state. And that finally took care of the problem, but it really did open my eyes.

I've never done anything to protect my computer other than virus protection and a firewall, but now that I have WiFi in the house, I'll be protecting that too! Currently I'm using HotSpot Shield to protect my WiFi and I'm very satisfied.

Have you ever had a problem with Cyber Theft? Were you able to fix it?