The 2014 Mazda CX-5

I've always sort of been a SUV person ever since having my first car. I've always loved the extra room and the convenience that it gave you. So when I was able to try the Mazda CX-5, I jumped all over it!

The 2014 Mazda CX-5 is a very sporty vehicle. From the first time it got to my driveway, I was completely impressed with how it looked and especially with how it handled. The outside of the car was very sleek and the inside was very stylish too with it being a black leather. I thought it complimented the red exterior very well.

The inside controls were very easy to understand and I loved the choices you had, especially in the entertainment system. You could also chose Pandora which is usually available in Mazda vehicles now as well. This particular car had SkyActiv as well which means that it does even better on gas. When I first got the car, on a full tank it said I had almost 400 miles to empty which is awesome for an SUV! Plus the dashboard tells you just how much gas you have so you don't have to take a wild guess.

The 2014 Mazda CX-5 has a sunroof and a very roomy backseat. Mary had a great time riding around and I didn't have any problems buckling her in like some cars give moms. It also had duel air conditioning that reached into the backseat too. Within about two minutes, the car was nice and cold so you didn't have to wait a long time to cool off either!

The trunk also had a lot of space for an SUV too. Mine was equipped with a full spare tire underneath the lower mat and also a privacy screen that hid what you had in the back. What was nice about the screen was that it didn't impair your vision for driving though. Along with the backup camera and easy touch open system, the Mazda CX-5 was made with moms in mind!

My overall thoughts were that I loved this SUV. It had a great ride and all the features helped make it more mom friendly. I would honestly buy it because my family loved it and we enjoyed our week with it.