The 2014 Ford Escape

I'm a huge SUV person so our latest car review was the 2014 Ford Escape. The last time I had ever rode in a Ford Escape was back in 2004 and they've come a long way! I can't believe all the great new features it has, especially my favorite, the easy open hatch back! Just check out my video on it so you can see how it works!

The easy open hatch system was one of many features that I completely fell in love with. Of course another great feature I enjoyed was how it tells you just how much gas is left in the car too. That's so helpful and I wish my car did that!

The entire car was very spacious and roomy too. It fit us all comfortably and we had plenty of room for groceries too. My husband said that he loved how the car really had a good kick to it too. It has a great start and the brakes are wonderful! Some cars you feel like you have to jump on the brakes to get them to completely stop but not with the Escape!

So how did the Escape do overall for us? We loved it so much that when our own Ford lease is up in two years, we might just get one! I personally have had Ford vehicles for the past two cars and my very first car as a teenager was the Ford Fusion so I've always been a Ford person. In my book, the 2014 is the perfect SUV for moms on the go!