Our Interview with Gita Bass

This past week I was able to interview Gita Bass and ask her some makeup questions I've been wondering about for a while! Gita was so nice and helpful and actually made me think of things I would have never thought of, like the underlying problem you might be having instead. Like, I have very fair skin but I tend to have red patches on my face. I had asked her what was a good way to get a flawless look and she told me to look closely at my skincare routine and make sure I was getting enough water. I would have never thought that a harsh skincare routine would be keeping my skin so red!

I also asked her how someone could get a glowing look if they had combination skin like me. Gita told me to use oil control products but also keep using moisturizer. Don't stop using it because you have oily skin! And that's just what I had done thinking it was making my skin more oily!

Did you know that if you also wear contacts, it's not good to wear waterproof mascara either because it can flake into your eyes? You should use fiber proof mascara and make sure to throw it away every 3 to 4 weeks because if it gets too much air, that could be why it's flaking too!

Also, for all those girls out there that have wide eyes and don't think they can wear eyeliner, think again! Gita says wide eyes are her favorite to play with and you can do so much with them! Try doing your eyeliner inside the bottom near the eye line to give it a sexy look without making your eyes look bigger!

A big thank you goes out to Gita Bass because I learned so much from talking to her. She was very helpful and I can't wait to follow her tips!