When You Don't Have Space for a Second Computer

Blogging is my full time job so of course I do it from home. But my husband is also a writer and he works from home too. And up until a few months ago, we were sharing a computer. Yes, that's right. Once single computer for two full time people.

How did we do it? One of us was up during the day and the other during the night. It was the only way to get our work done without fighting over the computer. So finally I was tired of only seeing my husband for a few hours before I went to bed so I got a laptop. Now I'm not a huge fan of laptops at all but I just didn't have space for a second computer in the house. But I still had to decide just where to work on my laptop because I only had a few tables open but Mary touches things way too easily. So Brylane Home sent me a laptop table to use with my laptop where ever I needed to in the house.

The table I received was the Laptop Table with Fan and LED Light. I picked it especially because it looked like it would be comfortable to use if I didn't have a place to put it. Plus since it's on wheels, I can take it where ever I need to go in the house.

The table has a lot of good features like the fan to help cool off the computer and also a holder to help keep the laptop and mouse from falling off.

Something else I really loved was that the laptop stand had extra ports for the plugs. This is super helpful when you're out of room!

Overall the laptop table has been very helpful to me. Since I don't have room for another desk in the house, I have been able to pull this stand up to the couch or even my bed so I could work while my husband is working on the desktop.

Do you ever share your computer with someone in the house? Do you have a set schedule or do you just wing it?