Buying Shoes with a Purpose #OneForOne

I am a TOMS Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever found a company that you fell in love with because of their noble causes? There's not a lot of companies out there like that anymore, but TOMS is one of them. TOMS recently announced their expansion of their One for One campaign which is when a pair of TOMS shoes is purchased, one is donated to a child in need. For years, this campaign has been helping children in foreign countries, but now TOMS has decided to give a million pairs of shoes to kids in need in America too! I absolutely love how much they are willing to help children and especially in our own country. With so many people helping overseas, some people forget that we have needy children here in America too.

TOMS not only has shoes but also TOMS eye wear which gives the gift of sight to someone in need when a pair of glasses are purchased. And coming from a person who can't see two feet in front of them without their contacts in, the gift of sight is a special thing.

If you're still not a believer in TOMS yet, just check out a few of my favorite shoes from them!

My TOMS Addiction

My TOMS Addiction by katherine-bartlett featuring TOMS

They not only have adorable stuff, but they support a wonderful cause! So if you want to do your part and help kids in need, buying cute shoes will be a good start!