Let Your Kids Become Stars With #Tryout

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Do you have kids that are destined to become stars one day? When I was a teenager, I was asked to be a model for a agency in West Palm Beach, FL but back then my parents weren't too sure about the entire situation. It was hard enough that I was on the stage so young, so they figured I would never be home if I started modeling too. Of course I did end up doing a few shots, but my parents didn't have a place to really look into things online. But now parents do have a great spot to check out how to make their kids' dreams come true!

Since Mary started ballet last year, I signed her up for Tryout to see how I could possibly further her in her love of ballet. On Tryout, you're able to sign your child up and make a resume of their work including videos and photos so that the professionals that are members can see them. That way they have a better chance of being discovered!

I always promised myself that I wouldn't push Mary into anything she didn't want to do and that I would support her fully. So when she had a choice to be signed up or not, she wanted to very much.

Tryout also hosts contests too like their most recent one that just finished, singing with Big Time Rush on stage! I think this is an amazing way to help their network fulfill their dreams.

Do your kids want to be famous one day? What are their dreams? Do you think Tryout is a good concept?