A Donkey Kong Sleepover!

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In our house, we're old school video games all the way. My husband still has his old Nintendo and Super Nintendo so that's usually what Mary plays all the time! So when our third box from Phase 4 Films was Donkey Kong Country, I knew Mary would love it! So we decided to have a sleepover video watching party for just the two of us!

Mary loves to take candid pictures of me so here's the first picture of the night before we got to the couch!

Finally when I was able to get Mary settled down enough to go to the living room, we put Donkey Kong on and started to watch. And to do this, Mary decided to lay completely on me!

The show itself was very cute but I didn't like how they drew the female monkey. They had her have human attributes like lots of leg and cleavage which I didn't approve of for a children's show, but other than that, the show itself was like watching the old video game.

So the final answer...Did Mary like the show?

I would take that as a yes...

And soon after, I found this in my bed.

A night well spent thanks to Phase 4 Films!