My Interview with Beth Blecherman

Last week I was able to interview Beth Blecherman about her tech tips for busy moms and also how many moms are also the sole breadwinner's of their families. Since I'm the sole breadwinner of my family, I was curious to know her tips on balancing your family and also your job. Beth was able to tell me a good way to balance family obligations is by using tech devices to your advantage. She said creating a plan and taking notes really helps. She also said she uses spy drive and cloud along with a digital family calendar to keep up with everything.

Beth also said her favorite tech device is her Windows 8 laptop with cloud because it helps her keep her plan altogether.

For the moms who aren't very tech savvy, Beth said take everything one step at a time. Using office is very easy so Beth said to find the tools you need.

I really enjoyed talking with Beth because I am a very scheduled person. Without my daily schedule and notes, I would be lost so I will be taking her tips to heart.