Kid Safe Video Watching Online With @Kidobi

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When your child is online, do you ever worry about the videos they can end up seeing from watching them on a public site? Mary loves to watch videos online  on YouTube but sometimes the commercials are not too pleasing. And the sidebar ads aren't meant for little eyes sometimes either. So what are you supposed to do for kids who love to watch videos online?

Kidobi took this into consideration when they made their site. Inside, you'll find thousands of videos made just for children. Plus they're customized to reflect your child's interests! And they're also all educational too so you know they aren't watching mindless garbage.

When you sign up your kids, you enter information like birthday and gender so Kidobi can tailor fit videos for your child's age group. Plus you can also enter if your child knows another language because they have bilingual videos too which is awesome!

Next is to set your family values filters like if you don't want your kids to see any violence at all, nothing scary, or even rudeness or name calling in the language section which is amazing. I love how you can control what selections will come up for your kids so they don't accidentally see something against your own values.

After that, you're all set! All you need now is to get your kids over to the computer to start watching fun videos! So far with Kidobi, I'm very impressed. Not only can you put in what your kids like to watch, but you can also filter out things you don't want them to see. Like we're Jewish so I filtered out pigs and that's so helpful!

If you're looking for an amazing place to let kids be kids and watch shows made just for them in a safe environment, I suggest Kidobi!