Using National Geographic Kids in Homeschool

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If your kids love the outdoors and learning about fascinating animals and people, then they're sure to love National Geographic Kids Magazine. Mary was able to check a few issues out this past week and she's in heaven! She personally loves looking at all the animals and the fun facts. I actually got a kick out of the fun facts myself!

Since the magazines are so educational and completely full of facts, I've been using them during home-school too to let Mary look through and find stuff that interests her. Then we sit down and talk about it and try to find out more about it.

So far I've peaked her interest in a bunch of new facts and also new animals so we've been making trips to the library to find more books to read and we're planning field trips too. I really like how the magazines also give me ideas on what to teach Mary for free time fun.

So if you home-school like us, I think a subscription to National Geographic Kids would be fun and educational!