Beautiful Dresses in the Summer with Mikarose

I'm a very conservative dresser and every single day I either wear a dress or skirt. I do this for religious reasons but also because I love the way a dress makes me feel. Ever since I was a little girl, I never liked how I felt in pants. Honestly, I never felt feminine or pretty in them so when I got to be a teenager, I started looking for dresses I could wear on a daily basis. And now that I'm married, I wear dresses everyday and love the feminine feel is gives me. I actually don't even own a pair of pants or shorts at all!

Because of how I dress, I love being able to review dresses that fit my personality. And Mikarose fits me perfectly, both physically and in personality!

The dress I reviewed was the Lilian and I got the color Mint because it just felt like a cute spring color. I love wearing light colors in the hotter months so when I saw this dress, I knew I had to try it out. And I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and light feeling it was. The dress itself is very flouncy and airy which is great in the hot months. Plus it doesn't make you overheat either because the material is very cool and soft. Overall I would get this dress in every color because it fits perfect and it's comfortable!

I did end up adding a white polo shirt underneath because I just don't like to be without an undershirt, but the dress is high cut enough to not need to have anything else underneath which is very nice.

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