Mary Got a Big Girl Bed!

This past month, Mary got a big surprise one Saturday morning. I went out early on a mission to find her a new bed. Her old bed was still a toddler bed that she's had for a few years. And it always fit her because she's smaller, but all of a sudden it seems like she's just shot up over night. She went from my little munchkin to a kindergartner so quickly!

So this was Mary's old toddler bed I was talking about. She's never complained about it so I never thought to get her a new one until I woke up one night and saw her little feet hanging off of it! So the next day I went out early in search of a bed I could make hers.

I searched all over for small double beds but for some reason, most of the stores I went into didn't have what I was looking for. But at the last store they had a special for my frame plus mattress for a great price so I snagged it! And as you can tell, she loves her new big girl bed!

Have you gone through that transition period with one of your kids yet? Did they adapt to the change easily?