Blanche's Place Edwardian Fashions

When I was little, I always had a love for old fashioned things. Anything that was from a time long gone was very special to me, but mostly it was the way women used to dress. I love the modesty women showed way back when because it made them look and feel like proper ladies. Sometimes when I'm scanning books in the bookstore, I find the historical ones and instantly feel transported to that time. The covers draw me in with how the women look and what it would have been like to live in that time. 

This past December I announced that I was going to be working with Blanche's Place to make an authentic Edwardian dress for me. I've always been fascinated with the Edwardian time period so have my very own dress was like a dream. Of course, this isn't an every day dress, but more of a special occasion dress. But either way, I'm very pleased that it's finished and I can show you!

Mary wanted to be in the picture too so she grabbed a candlestick and posed with me. And since she was in a long nightgown, it kind of worked!

The dress is called the Edwardian Day Dress and it was completely hand made for me, which means it's unique. I even picked the fabric and everything for it. Working with Blanche's Place was wonderful because I measured myself, sent in my sizes, and let them do the rest. Once I picked out the type of dress I wanted, I picked the fabric, saw the pictures, and was a part of the entire process from start to finish.

Mary insisted on me doing a few authentic poses to go along with the dress, so I did a few candid shots. She actually took the pictures so I have to applaud her for that! For a five year old, she did great!

The dress is very comfortable and roomy enough to wear a corset if needed. I used to wear corsets a lot when I was younger but now I don't prefer them anymore so I don't have one pictured. The dress features a lacy yoke, high collar, and blousy front. The sleeves have pleating and striking lace trim on the short oversleeves. A lace fitted undersleeve reaches to a V-shape ruffle-trimmed point on the hand. It also has a graceful three-gored skirt and front button closure with an elasticized waist in front.

For a special occasion or even a reenactment, this dress would be perfect. I love it very much and I can't wait for the cooler months to come back so I can start wearing it again.