TouchMath Kindergarten Curriculum

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We've been homeschooling Mary for about a year now and even though she can count and recognize numbers, she has never had a formal math curriculum yet. I've done numerous worksheets with her through and that was why I felt she was ready to do a real curriculum.

I'm a very visual learner but Mary is very kinesthetic. She learns easier when she can touch and feel so TouchMath looked perfect for her.

TouchMath is a multisensory program that works by using TouchPoints. Each numeral 1-5 has single TouchPoints and numbers 6-9 have double TouchPoints. Students count out loud as they touch the TouchPoints in the correct touching pattern for each number. By doing this the learn to associate numerals with real values and are engaged on auditory, visual, and tactile levels. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are easier for children because in addition they count forward, in subtraction they count backwards, and multiplication and division they count in sequence.

TouchMath previously had been available for public school, but they now have also developed TouchMath Homeschool Programs for grades Pre-K through 2nd. You receive the program as a download and print out the worksheets. Each unit comes with the black and white printable student worksheets, instruction guides with lesson plans, real world material, tests, and progress monitoring.

The Kindergarten program is divided into 4 units with 6 modules in each unit.

Unit A-Counting, Adding, Subtracting within 5
Mod 1- Count by 1's and 10's to 100
Mod 2-Representing numbers using manipulatives
Mod 3-Writing and comparing number
Mod 4-Representing numbers using pictures
Mod 5- Adding using manipulatives and pictures
Mod 6-Subtracting using manipulatives and pictures

Unit B-Adding and Subtracting within 9
Mod 1- Writing and comparing numbers
Mod 2-Representing numbers using manipulatives and pictures
Mod 3-Adding using manipulatives and pictures
Mod 4-Subtracting using manipulatives and pictures
Mod 5-Composing and decomposing numbers
Mod 6-Adding and subtracting

Unit C-Understanding Numbers 1-20
Mod 1-Composing, decomposing, comparing 10
Mod 2-Writing and comparing 10-15
Mod 3-Writing and comparing 16-20
Mod 4-Place Value 10-20
Mod 5-Composing and decomposing 11-20
Mod 6-Adding and subtracting in word problems

Unit D-Measurement, Data, Geometry
Mod 1-Describing and comparing objects by length and weight
Mod 2-Sorting and classifying by length and weight
Mod 3-Interpreting Data
Mod 4-Describing shapes in the environment
Mod 5-Mastering 2 D shapes
Mod 6-Mastering 3 D shapes

You can purchase each unit separately for $59.95 or you can purchase all four for $199.95.

TouchMath has several optional teaching aides and manipulatives to compliment the Kindergarten program.
  •  TouchMath Tutor Kindergarten Software $99 single license 
  • TouchShapes $30 for one set (additional pricing for classroom sets) 
  • 3-D Numerals $79 
  • Texture Cards $99 
  • Math Fans $239 
  • TouchPoint Posters $43 
  • Number Concept Posters $53
When I got the email with the downloads, I began to save them to the computer and then printed out the first unit. It took about 200 pages and I had to buy some ink in between, but after looking it over, it was so worth it! Right now we have been doing math once a day for about 15 minutes. I even do it over the weekends with her so she doesn't forget anything. I was the type of kid in school that forgot things over the weekend so I was constantly studying. 

Everything that was listed above has been a great help in our home-school days. Mary is actually excited about doing math which really surprised me. She really loves the TouchShapes and the 3-D Numerals a lot and I can understand why. She is able to touch and feel so she can understand easier. 

Overall my opinion on TouchMath is that I wish I had this when I was a child. I was never very good at math because I learn a bit slower than everyone else so I think I could have benefited from this. Plus I love that there is barely any planning needed for this at all which is helpful to me. I think if you home-school, this is a must have math curriculum because it starts off slow for your child and picks up without rushing them.

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