Dress Modestly with Mikarose

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Dressing modestly now is a challenge so when I actually find a store that has what I like, I run with it! I'm a very modest dresser and especially since I only wear dresses and skirts, I have to find good pieces to go in my wardrobe.

One of my favorite places to shop online is Mikarose because they make modest clothes that still make you look great. Since I'm a dress and skirt girl, I have to have a good variety of them and with Mikarose, I know my clothes will be stylish and still modestly proper.

I received the above ruffle shirt and matching skirt from Mikarose and I am very pleased with them. The black jacket was actually mine but I thought it looked nice together. The shirt was very comfortable and so was the skirt. They were both actually a little big but I'd rather have something big than skin tight. The skirt came down a little past my knees which is nice so when I bend over, I don't have to tug at it. And the shirt had a decent cut to the neckline, although I still wore a turtleneck underneath.

Overall the outfit is one of my favorites, especially because it's very classy.

Do you like Mikarose's clothing? Would you like to win something for your wardrobe?