Horrid Henry Was Here!

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This past weekend was a busy movie screening for us! First we watched Home Run the Movie and then to make Mary smile and laugh, we watched Horrid Henry! To assist us in the movie watching experience, we received a fun kit filled with gags like a whoopie cushion and hand buzzer! Mary had a blast playing pranks on us for the rest of the day too!

Mary really liked the movie a lot. She said it was silly and she loved how Henry played pranks on everyone. But she especially liked her own prank gags she had so she could pretend to be Henry too! Our movie viewing was a success! But I must warn anyone who might be coming to our house soon. Make sure to look before you sit because Mary likes the whoopie cushion a little too much!

If you haven't heard of Horrid Henry yet, check out the movie and the books that it was based on! Just make sure your kids don't get any ideas like sliming you after watching and reading!

*I received a gift card and a movie pack in order to review this*