Adorable Children's Books We Love

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When I first started my site, I wrote book reviews all the time but as the years went by, I had less personal time to read my own books. But I still do enjoy finding books for Mary about the values we know and love. So here are a few books I personally recommend for young children.

Little Angels Prayers for Every Day features more than 50 simple rhyming prayers that cover a typical day and the typical worries of a young child. From waking in the morning to going to sleep at night, from thanking God for a meal to praying for His comfort when afraid, the prayers here will help little ones to see that any moment is a good moment to talk to God. Relevant Bible verses are scattered throughout the book as well!

Grover and Big Bird's Passover Celebration
Grover and Big Bird are in a hurry to get to the Passover seder, but—uh, oh!—there are many delays. Moishe Oofnik comes to the rescue in his tumbledown truck, but will they arrive in time to ask the Four Questions?

It's a Mitzvah, Grover!
Grover does a mitzvah (good deed) by joining his friends to spruce up the neighborhood playground. Even Moishe Oofnik comes out of his trash can to help, eating up all the trash, and separating the cans for recycling.

Lotsa Matzah
“Why is matzah plain and flat? For centuries it’s been like that.” A rhyming introduction to Passover’s traditional food, with children eating and enjoying “lotsa matzah” many different ways during the holiday.

Rise & Shine A Challah-Day Tale
What is the mysterious writing on a crumpled piece of paper that Sammy and Sophie find in the attic? The answer leads to a happy baking adventure at Grandma Gert’s retirement home.

Tikkun Olam Ted
Always busy doing good deeds like recycling, feeding birds, working in the garden and donating items to others, a young boy has earned the nickname “Tikkun Olam Ted.”

Of course, all of these books except the Little Angels Prayers for Every Day, is Jewish. I highly recommend each one of them though because they are all on Mary's bookshelf.