The 2013 Kia Optima SXL

This past week we were able to drive around in style in the 2013 Kia Optima SXL! Out of all the Kia's I've tested this past year, this is one of my top favorites!

The car itself has a gorgeous design to it. When I first saw it, it looked sporty and dangerous! And this little baby has some pep to it too! Plus, even for a sedan, you have a lot of space inside!

 The front and backseats were equally comfy in size. Mary had a great time riding and I was very comfortable during our long car trips. Plus there were lots of cupholders too which is very helpful to a family on the go!

Plus I also wanted to emphasize that since this Optima wasn't the hybird, you had a LOT more room in the trunk too. And there was even a first aid kit on the left hand side!

Some of the snazzy features I really liked were the LED lighting in the headlights, the beautiful rims, my lovely back-up camera, and the double exhaust pipes. All of them combined made this car a fun little drive!

The front of the car was beautiful, especially with the grill. It resembled a higher end car so when I showed it to a few friends, they couldn't believe it was a KIA!
Here are my personal favorite parts to the car: Of course, the engine start button so it's keyless again. This car also tells you how many miles you have until you're on empty which is a lifesaver when you're traveling. The lights are very easy to figure out and use too. I usually kept them on auto to save time. The Optima SXL also has an Auto Hold button which means when you come to a stop, you can hit that button to take your foot off the brake! And of course, my Sirius radio is my baby when I test KIA's!

The back of the car was very stylish too. And I loved the color of this one too. It was a beautiful shade of grey and it blended well with everything.
So overall the 2013 Kia Optima SXL has been an amazing ride. The controls and feel to the car made it like riding in a higher end vehicle, including the double sunroofs. KIA really outdid themselves with this little beauty. My only regret is having to give it back!