My Newest Addiction

I love getting something for nothing. I discovered that love when I first had Mary and I got all kinds of new baby things, maternity clothes, and presents from random people I didn't even remember. But as Mary grew, the less I got for free and I had to start paying for things myself. But no one told me kids were so expensive! And mom never told me what to do with the room full of baby stuff I still have five years later! So what's a mom to do when she wishes she could just trade her old things away for new?

A few days ago, I checked out Listia, an online auction site that lets you bid on things you want with credits from them. So lets say you have a bunch of baby clothes you've been holding on since your kids were little and you'd rather have something for yourself. You simply list your things on Listia, people bid on them with their credits, and when someone wins, the credits go to you so you can bid on stuff you want! Simple enough, right?

Listia is amazing because you can search for all kinds of things you would love to have plus get rid of the things you don't want anymore! I was able to list baby clothes that I didn't need and get credits for things I actually did want. Of course, as you can see from the top of my screenshot that all my credits are pretty much gone. That's because I'm addicted to this site. I check it everyday now to see if I want anything.

So if you have a bunch of baby things you don't need anymore, check out Listia where it's free to list things and free to bid on what you want!

And to help you start off right, I'm giving away 5,000 points for your Listia account!