Playing with Dolls...Again?

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When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was to play with dolls. Not cabbage patch kids or even barbies, but dolls like the American Girl type. Of course, when I was little, American Girl was expensive and my parents just didn't have that kind of money for a doll. So I did chores to try and earn it and eventually I got one. I loved that doll so much; she went everywhere with me. Most of my friends had their own dolls like her so when we got together, we all brought our dolls to play with us.

Of course, there are still expensive dolls out there but I refuse to buy them. Why? Because Mary is a wrecking machine. Most of the toys she owns get broke within a month of getting them and I won't spend a lot of money on something that will end up in the garbage can.

With that said, I've noticed Mary starting to love dolls the way I did when I was her age. So I started looking into doll companies that are more reasonably priced. And that's when I came across Our Generation, the fashion-forward, contemporary doll brand with amazing accessories.
For Valentine’s Day, Our Generation is releasing Sandie, a brand new doll clad in an adorable pink outfit adorned with hearts. Sandie is the newest release from Our Generation, a brand that is all about girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation.

In addition to sharing the stories from the amazing girls who make up this generation, the Our Generation website also features a “Wall Of Hearts,” where girls can draw & accessorize a HEART for each thing that they love – whether it be a family member, friend, pet, hobby, or toy, and their customized heart gets published on the site! You can check out the “Wall of Hearts” on the Our Generation site here: This HEART designing is a wonderful way for girls to celebrate Valentine's Day, and show their love for friends and loved ones.

We were able to review Sandie and I have to say I'm very impressed. She's the same size as American Girl Dolls so you can easy find or make clothes for her and she's very well made. But overall I love the message that Our Generation gives girls so I have to say that she's an amazing addition to Mary's toy collection.

Mary's very pleased with her too, especially since she has announced that Sandie is her "little sister" and takes her everywhere. So I'd have to say that Sandie got quite a welcome here in our home!

If you're looking for a fun present for your daughter for Valentine's Day, check out Sandie. I think it would make for a memorable day.