Oh Cold and Flu Season, How I Loathe You

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You know it's true. Cold and flu season is here. Just as quickly as the ringing of jingle bells has left us, the sounds of nagging coughs and sniffles have crept up behind us as well. I'm torn because this time of year is beautiful, but I hate having to bundle up to beat the cold and having to stay out of well populated areas in fear of germs.

Mary gets almost everything that goes around and she's homeschooled! So I would hate to see what she would catch if she actually did attend school. I can almost count down the minutes to when she'll get sick. If we go to the mall...sick. If we go to a docto's office...usually an emergency room visit for her. And it's terrible because when she catches anything, it almost doubles the effect on her.

Since she's so susceptible to everything, I make sure to carry Wet Ones with me in my purse. Since they kill germs efficiently, I use them after touching a lot of things. When I go grocery shopping, I wipe down the carts because I can only imagine how many people have sneezed, coughed, and got blood from meat on them. After I pump gas, I wash my hands down in them because those nozzles are filthy. And especially after I blow my nose or Mary's nose, we wipe our hands with Wet Ones. At least then I know that we've killed the germs on us.

 Do you have tips on how you stay healthy during this season? Dr. Benjamin Tanner, a microbiologist developed a few handy tips to keep you and your family healthy this cough and cold season:

  • Practice Good Hygiene for at Least a Week After a Cold. Cold viruses can be found in nasal secretions of children for two to three weeks after the onset of symptoms. That’s a long time for an unwanted guest to stick around! 
  • Keep Your Immune System Healthy. Studies show that maintaining a healthy body weight with proper nutrition reduces risks of infection, and also may prevent inflammation (potentially damaging immune system hyperactivity). 
  • Keep Up on Cold and Flu Germs. Colds are most infectious during the first two to four days people are infected. And you can’t outrun their germs: droplets from sneezes can travel at a velocity of 45 miles per hour and cover a distance of 10 feet. Wash your hands and face regularly; when soap and water is not available use Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes to kill bacteria on your hands. 
  • Don’t Touch Your Face. Most cold viruses are spread by contact with surfaces through "self-inoculation" when hands pick up cold viruses, and then touch the nose or eyes to start an infection. In fact, a study of kids showed that a program to discourage touching the face reduced colds by nearly half.

With these new tips and of course my Wet Ones, I think I'll be feeling much better this season!

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