Little Tikes for Big Fun!

As a new Little Tikes ambassador, I get to receive first hand looks at their newest toys. And this week, I was introduced to the Wiggimal and the Pillow Racer!

The Wiggimal is an adorable little toy that wiggles and plays music when you touch it and of course the pillow racer is a soft pillow riding toy. Both of which were a little too young for Mary so I enlisted the help of my neighbor who has young grand-kids to see how they liked the new Little Tikes toys.
Little Abby sure liked the Wiggimal that I gave her. She mostly had fun letting it bounce down the stairs! Isn't she a cutie?
Both Abby and her brother really loved the Pillow Racer too. They had a blast rolling and bumping into things with it! It's extremely durable too since they were jumping on it while I was there! And when I left out , they were running over bubble wrap with it! So you know this thing is strong!

Do you think your kids would like the Wiggimal and Pillow Racer? Now it's your turn to win them!