Caring for my Emotional Heart @NIVEAUSA @kbwhiskey #cbias

When Mary was a baby, she used to love to get massages. Almost every night I would give her a night time bath with some soothing bubbles and afterwards I would massage her to sleep. I did this until she was about 1 year old and it was a sweet bonding experience for us. But as she got older, I stopped because life just got in the way. So now I've decided to start it again with her.

First we had to head on over to Sam's Club to find the NIVEA essentially enriched twin pack. For $8.98, that was a steal and it would help us be stocked up for our nightly massages for a while!

Once we got home, Mary had her nightly bath and got ready for her massage. Of course, she invited a few friends over to see too! When I told her she was going to get massages again, she got very excited! She's the type of child that loves to be touched and loved on so this is a perfect bonding experience for us.

The NIVEA lotion went on my hands very smooth and the smell was very light and airy which is good when you're using it with children. Sometimes Mary's complained about other lotions being too greasy or even having a strong smell, but not with NIVEA!

I massaged Mary's back first which brought back a lot of memories. I still remember doing this when she was so young and when I first did it again tonight, it was like I never stopped. I love being able to bond with her so this was very special to both of us.

After her massage, she was very happy and sleepy. So after a big day out, I put her to bed for the night. And just like when she was a baby, she was fast asleep before I closed the door.

Today was a much needed day for both me and Mary. I love connecting with her emotionally on a lot of things and NIVEA helped us do just that.

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