Great Eats in Helen Georgia

This past week, my family and I took a day trip over to Helen Georgia for Valentine's Day. We had been once before but when I was actually pregnant with Mary so going back after all this time was very special. We walked around for the most part of the day and had a blast, but two places stood out so much that I wanted to write a post for them.

Higher Ground Coffee on Main St

My husband is a coffee addict so when he saw a coffee shop while we were walking around, he had to go get himself his third cup of the day. We all ended up going in and making ourselves comfortable and I'm so glad we did! This place's coffee is amazing and the service is superb. It's rare that you can actually have a conversation with a store owner without thinking you're annoying them so when I was able to talk to the owner and have him be sincerely interested let me know he has great customer service skills too.

They have a selection comparable to Starbucks coffee but it tastes so much better! My husband got the Pumpkin Spice Latte with whipped cream on top and he was in love! And since I'm not a big coffee drinker, I decided to try a Peach smoothie which was even better than I expected! It had real peaches in and was so delicious, Mary pretty much stole it from me.

Along with the fresh coffee the owner can make you, they also sell bagged fair trade coffee which is great! They have all kinds of flavors and they also sell bags of tea as well. And across the top of the counter are freshly baked treats to buy to go along with your drink.

So here's my family totally enjoying their drinks. Please do notice how Mary stole my smoothie...

Helen's Country Cafe

Now if you're looking for amazing food in Helen Georgia, look no further than Helen's Country Cafe! Right off of Main St, Helen's Country Cafe is a place you surely don't want to miss if you're hungry. They serve down home country foods in a very relaxed atmosphere so having lunch there was very comfortable.

The inside of the restaurant is adorable, right down to the collection of licence plates on the walls that have actually been sent to the owner from customers.

I ordered a burger and it was HUGE. I was thoroughly impressed with my portion size and how delicious everything tasted. The meat was grilled to perfection and everything was very fresh. I honestly have only good things to say about Helen's Country Cafe. I liked it so much that I even reviewed it on Trip Advisor while I was still there!

So there you have it. Two amazing places to eat in Helen Georgia. If you ever get the chance to head up there, make sure to check them out!