Declutter Your Life

I'm the type of person who can't take a cluttered mess. It makes me pretty much twitch so I try my best to keep my house and everything around me very neat and organized. But my husband and daughter have other plans...

Most of the time, I'm trying to keep my living room bookshelf in order because other than books, I have DVD's, CD's and even VHS' on there so when Mary comes around, she likes to reorganize for me. And by reorganize, I mean completely demolish the bookshelf. So after cleaning the rest of the house, I come back into the living room to find everything all over the floor again. You gotta love kids...

It was then that I realized we had too much stuff. If Mary's so bored that she would rather take things apart, then play with them, it was time for spring cleaning. So I got some boxes and decided to pick out the things in the house that we could sell online. And I'm not talking about Craigslist of Ebay either. I'm talking about Music Magpie. On their site, you can sell all kinds of things and get a quote on your final price. It's not an auction either so you don't have to wait to get your "paycheck" either which is a plus for me. I'm not a patient person so waiting for an auction to end is tedious to me!

I'm actually glad I found Music Magpie because I've been wanting to sell my PSP for a while and now that I know they accept them, I'm very excited. Right now they work with the United States, United Kingdom and Germany so if you have a bunch of unwanted stuff, make sure to check them out.

Another great thing about them is you can download a free app to make your webcam into a barcode scanner if you have a lot of stuff. So what are you waiting for? Go gather it up and get your money!