Rhythms of the Land in Kindermusik

In December, our previous Kindermusik class which was Family Time, ended. Now our new one has just started and we're very excited! This time we're reviewing ABC Music & Me and our focus for the next five weeks is the Rhythm of the Land. I'm completely in love with this because I have Cheyenne Indian in me from my father's side so I love listening to Native American music.

Something I completely love about ABC Music & Me is that the parents can watch but we don't participate directly with the children until the last 10 minutes of class. That way they can listen to Mrs. Sherry better without distractions. Plus I got to sit and take pictures quietly!

In the beginning of class, the kids listened to beautiful Native American music and learned to play their very own little container drums. Along with tapping a steady beat with the music, they listened to the sounds of a pow wow drum as well which was really neat!

Then the kids were introduced to finger numbers for keyboard playing. They each picked their favorite finger and then were able to play the piano with it.

Mary of course was fascinated with that part because she loves pianos.

Then the kids learned to twirl and sway with and without a beat. They also learned to move quickly and slowly depending on the music as well.

After the dancing was through, the kids listened to Native American music and learned hand motions to go along with the songs.

Towards the end, the kids listened to a fun story that had a repeated refrain that helped reinforce a steady beat. Don't you just love how music can be taught with almost anything anywhere?

And at the end of class, the kids played a fun game where two of them would pretend to be bears in a cave while the others hiked closer, following the beat of the music.

So how am I liking ABC Music & Me? I think it's exactly what Mary needed. Music time with kids her own age and learning lots of interesting and fun things.