iTrace App + iPad Mini Giveaway

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During our daily home-school routine, Mary does writing lessons. Mary will admit to anyone that she hates writing because she thinks it's boring. I personally never liked writing when I was a kid either so I understand where she's coming from. But now with the iTrace app, I think she's going to never want to stop!

With the iTrace, children learn how to write letters, numbers and words by tracing them with their finger. And there's also a matching game built into the app so it makes learning to write fun! This app is also capable of multiple users so it can save and track each person's progress as well as give visual rewards on the screen after accomplishments.

One thing a child gets excited about is learning how to write their own name and with the iTrace, you can learn just that. Along with guiding dots, the system helps you trace your name and learn with ease. The app can also completely switch for left handed children as well!

My personal favorite part of the app is that the system will notice mistakes and point them out the child. I love this because it will help them learn what they did was wrong and how to correct it next time.

iTrace for the iPad is available for $3.99 at the iTunes App store.

Would you like to try out the iTrace? It's only available right now on iPad so we're giving away an iPad Mini to use it with!