9 Tips To Set Up Your New Home After A Long Move


Moving to a new place marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. But settling in this house and setting it up can prove to be challenging sometimes. That’s why a lot of people find relocation very stress-inducing. Leaving behind familiar surroundings can make you a victim of moving blues.

However, certain conditions force not just tenants but stable homeowners out of their hometowns, such as Tucson, where rent has increased by almost 25% in the last four years, driving tenants away.

Setting up your living space and organizing it is a great way to fit in and overcome the stress of moving. So, this article explains some tips to streamline the post-move process and make your new place truly feel like home.

  1. Hire The Right Long-Distance Movers

When it’s time to leave Tucson and move to your dream home, make sure you find local movers who can pack your belongings, load them carefully on trucks, and deliver them safely to your destination within the expected timeframe. Working with a reliable moving company is a prerequisite to setting up your new home after a long time.

Tucson’s annual population growth rate has been less than 2% for the past few years, lagging behind much of Arizona. But you can still find a moving company here ready for business.

So, search online to find the best Tucson long distance moving company in your vicinity. Check online reviews, dig up their accreditations, and find out what other services they provide. Working with the right moving company will help you get out of Tucson comfortably.

  1. Do a Walkthrough of Your House

It’s recommended to go a walkthrough of your new living space before moving there. So, drive out of Tucson, travel to your destination city, and check out the house when it’s still unoccupied.

Make sure everything’s working fine; all the doors, windows, outlets, and fixtures should be in order. Inspect the house for pests, mildew, and asbestos. Determine if all your furniture is going to fit in this place.

  1. Set Up All The Necessary Utilities

Does your new home have all the basic utilities necessary for comfortable living? These utilities will include gas, water, electricity, internet, and other connections your folks are accustomed to in the Tucson house.

Look for local utility providers and have these connections set up at your new home. Meanwhile, you need to cancel these utilities a few days before leaving your Tucson home.

  1. Unpack your Belongings Strategically

A lot of Americans feel a bit under the weather after moving, especially when they miss their old homes. So, one way to overcome this relocation depression is to unpack your essentials first. What is important is to unpack all your belongings strategically and avoid creating a mess in your new home.

After unpacking your essentials, remove the clutter and put it all in a self-storage unit (unless you’ve already done this part back in Tucson).

  1. Childproof your Home Immediately

If you have children or little four-legged family members, then make sure the house is ready for them before moving in with your family. You can do that by child/pet-proofing your house. That’s how you can prevent them from running into exposed power outlets. Here’s what you can do to baby-proof your whole house.

  • Cover power outlets

  • Create a separate area for kids/pets

  • Place cabinet locks on lower-level cabinets

  • Keep all windows closed securely all the time

  • Spread out the boxes, and don’t stack up one on another

  • Keep sharp items and other breakable up high in the kitchen

  1. Consider Refurbishing Your House

If you notice something you’d rather improve, then embark upon some home improvement projects. Look up DIY refurbishing ideas to make your living space more personalized. It’s better to create a list of possible home reno-cum-décor ideas to give this place a new look.

For instance, you can start by repainting the whole thing, fixing up a new door, getting new curtains for those windows, and hanging up large-sized mirrors strategically to maximize brightness.

  1. Contact Deep-Cleaning Professionals

Always have your new home deep-cleaned by capable professionals to clear off any germs left by the past occupants of the house. Ask them to tackle every nook and cranny in your old home, especially the places where mold or mildew is likely to grow due to high levels of humidity. So, make sure your kitchen sink and bathrooms are deep-cleaned carefully.

That’s how you can set up this place and safely ask your family to come down here.

  1. Change your Locks

Don’t take chances on your family’s safety. Change the locks of your house’s front and back doors to make sure nobody has access to your apartment now. You can never know who else got a key to this house from the previous owner/tenant. Schedule a locksmith to come by right after moving. It’ll be a pretty small price to pay for a much larger present of peace of mind.

  1. Meet Your New Neighbors

Now, it’s time to explore the community, pinpoint local areas of interest, and find the nearest bus stops or gas stations. Also, explore local schools, hospitals, supermarkets, police stations, diners, and other places you might need to visit from time to time.

Say hello to your neighbors so you can make new friends in this unfamiliar town. The best way to introduce yourself to new neighbors is to host a housewarming party, giving all the people in the area a chance to get to know you and welcome you into the neighborhood.


Set up your new house after a long-distance move and decorate it for a very comfortable post-relocation phase. Start by hiring long-distance movers, renovating your house, cleaning every single corner, and changing your locks for extra safety. Set up all the utilities and childproof the place before moving in.

That’s how you can prepare your house for your family’s arrival and make the long-distance move smooth.