5 Ways To Boost Home Security


4,800 homes are broken into every day on average, meaning that a home is being burglarized every 15 seconds, according to research by Jacksonville State University and crimepreventiontips.com.

Having a stranger in your home without permission and going through your belongings is violating enough without the added distress that occurs when they destroy your house and steal your belongings. However, there are some steps you can take that help you improve security and make it harder for people to gain access to your property.

Fences and Gates

Gates and fences around the perimeter of your property can help you add an extra layer of security to your home. While it might not stop people from accessing where you live, it will make it more complicated than simply having nothing at all. An iron fence for a home can be an excellent addition for both aesthetic and security purposes, as can a wooden or metal chain link fence, too. The harder it is to gain access, the more of a deterrent it will be.


Darkness provides anonymity for thieves. The less light there is, the better as far as they are concerned. Despite the risk of falling victim to a burglary increasing during daylight hours, they can still strike at night. So, installing lighting in and around the exterior of your property can give you added peace of mind. Motion-sensor lighting will come on when it detects movement, taking away stealth in the darkness, and solar lights will come on during the night once the sun goes down, depending on if they've fully charged.

Lock It Up

Lock windows and doors at all times, especially when you are out of the home. Lock external gates and buildings and also lock away your valuables. The more locks you use on your property, the harder it will be to get inside or access anything of value. Window locks, deadbolts, code access safes, padlocks, smart locks, and window bars are all good security options for locking your valuables and windows and doors.

Camera System

Hooking up an interior or exterior camera system or smart home setup can allow you to monitor your home in real time or have a third-party company monitor it on your behalf. There are apple options you can choose from. From installing a video doorbell camera, having cameras around your property, and installing smart cameras inside your home, it's up to you. But the camera allows you to monitor activity and alert the authorities instantly should anyone gain access.

Home Automation

Home automation can give the illusion someone is in your home and that it isn't empty. While this won't deter all burglars, it will put many off, and if they think they might be apprehended, they'll think twice before entering. Use in partnership with home security cameras for added protection, and have home automation turn lights on and off at set intervals when you're away from home, turn appliances such as TVs and radios on and off, and even control opening and closing curtains and blinds if you have this set up.

Home security isn't something you should be lax on. Protecting your home can give you that extra peace of mind when you are away from it for any reason that your belongings and life are safe.