How to Stay Fortified This Fall Season + Win Some Vitamins!


Who else is ready for autumn yet? I'm certainly ready for some cooler air and being able to be outside more. And with being outside more, comes making sure we don't catch anything that's going around! Last year right in the beginning of December, we all caught the flu. It was such a strong strain of it that we never even had a Christmas. We spent about 3 weeks in bed because we were all so sick. So this year we really want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

In our household, we also have a few different health conditions. Two of the biggest are Mary's brain surgery to remove a tumor from her brain last year and my own Ulcerative Colitis. Because of these larger health problems, we try to make taking vitamins a priority around here. Not just for our day to day health but also to help prevent us from getting sick which is a huge priority here. And when you have existing health conditions, sometimes it makes it harder to fight off an illness as simple as a cold. But sometimes certain health conditions make it harder to actually absorb vitamins into our systems. 

Take for instance my Ulcerative Colitis. I can't take B-12 pills because my gut can't absorb them as well. So every month I have to take a B-12 shot instead. Pills themselves can be hard to absorb unless your gut is working perfectly well. But with Superior Source Vitamins, they are instantly absorbed under the tongue for maximum absorbency. 

Superior Source uses Microlingual instant dissolve melts that you don't have a swallow and they get into your blood stream faster than digesting. This is a huge bonus for anyone who can't absorb horse pill vitamins well! They are pure and clean and don't use GMO's either. Plus they are made in the USA. 

Superior Source vitamins can be found at Amazon and Walmart and other great stores locally too.

Superior Source was founded by Ron Beckenfeld who started the company in 1998. Ron started it because his father had Parkenson's Disease and his own father couldn't swallow large pills anymore. His dad had small nitroglycerin tablets that quickly dissolved under his tongue and that's what inspired Ron to create instant dissolving tablets. 

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