5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Extend Your Home


Do you wish you had more space, but your bank balance won’t allow a full extension?

Don’t worry; there are plenty of other ways that you can extend your home without breaking the bank.

Whether you need space for a new addition to the family or you have started to outgrow your current space, read on to discover five budget-friendly ways to extend your home that are affordable for all.

  1. Build a conservatory

Everyone wants to enjoy natural light in their home; a conservatory offers this in abundance. More affordable than other types of extensions, a conservatory can provide you with some much-needed extra space at the back of your home.

Furthermore, in terms of return on investment, a modern conservatory can increase the value of your home by as much as 5%,

  1. Add a new bathroom

If you are struggling to share one family bathroom, then you might want to think about adding a new bathroom, such as an en-suite to the master bedroom.

Again, this type of home improvement can add up to 5% to the existing value of your home and can make living conditions a lot more enjoyable, especially if you have a big family.

Neutral shades and classic styles are a good choice as these won’t go out of fashion and can make it easier if you ever want to sell your home.

  1. Carry out a loft extension

Instead of building out, why not go up? Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, enabling homeowners to take advantage of this often underutilized space.

When it comes to loft extensions or loft conversions, the important thing to consider is what you are going to use the space for. Do you need an additional bedroom, a home office, or maybe a playroom?

  1. Install a retractable awning

Arguably the most cost-effective way to extend your home, a retractable awning can enable you to build a whole new room outside your home.

Just imagine sitting out on your patio decking with your family and friends after a hard week at work, with all your favorite home comforts but in your backyard.

There are many retractable awning installation services to choose from in the United States, with an extensive selection of designs and styles available.

  1. Get clever with storage

If you can’t afford to extend your home, the next best thing is to try and create more space within it. When it comes to creative storage solutions, it can be a good idea to look for multi-tasking items, such as a seating area that doubles up as a storage unit.

Don’t forget to also take advantage of the vertical space in your home, which can be used to store a whole host of different items such as shoes, books, and clothes.

The bottom line

A two-story extension can be out of reach for many homeowners, but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend your home in other ways. Think carefully about what you need the extra space for before deciding, and always shop around to get the best deals.