Who Will Look After the Dogs When You're On Vacation?


Finding someone to look after the dogs when you are away can be hard. Not everyone is keen to help, especially if your dogs are large. And it is a big responsibility to ask of someone. From boarding homes to asking friends and family to watch them, here are some dog-friendly ideas.

Doggy Boarding Homes

Pretty much the first thing you might think of is a dog boarding home. These are convenient places to have your dog stay when you are out of town. Some even offer tons of land and fun facilities and activities for dogs. They can vary in price a lot, though, but pixeespawspetpalace.com has a great guide to dog boarding near DFW airport you can use as a rough guide. However, boarding homes near the airport are likely to be more expensive.

Take Them with You

Who said dogs can’t take a vacation, too? Of course, you can take the dogs with you when you travel, and they love it just as much as you do. Long drives with their head out the window, watching the world go by on the train, and even getting their wings. There’s also the fun things the dogs get to do when they arrive at your destination. A vacation for a dog can be as great for them as it is for you, especially if you don’t have any land where you live, like an apartment.

Neighbors Can Look After the Dogs

If you are on good terms with your neighbors and you trust them, you can ask them to watch the dogs. This can be easier for the dogs because they may already know the neighbors and will be more comfortable around them. And if the neighbors have dogs of their own, it can be a great opportunity for your family dog to make some new friends. Offering fair payment to your neighbors will help sweeten the deal and will cost less than taking them to a boarding home.

Friends and Family

Close friends and family are probably your best bet when it comes to watching the dogs when you are away. The dogs already know them, and dogs themselves are like family members to most people. It can also be a great thing for any friends and family who have children, as the kids will love having new dogs come and stay for a while. This is also a lovely experience for your parents when you don’t have kids of your own, and your dogs are essentially your children.

They Can Take Care of Themselves

Dogs get pampered these days, but they are actually pretty good at taking care of themselves. If you can’t find anyone to watch them, they can watch themselves. Of course, this only applies if you are going away for a day or two, and going away for longer could be challenging for them. You must remember to set an area where they can go to the toilet, make a comfy nest (with plants of their toys), and buy an automatic pet food and water station so they are catered for. 


Dog boarding homes are often the best way to have someone look after the dogs when you are away. However, friends, family, and neighbors often won’t mind. And they can look after themselves for shorter periods, such as a day or two if you make a nice little area for them.