Boating Tips and Fishing Memories


An outdoor trip is the best form of vacation for fitness buffs and wellness enthusiasts. It gets you close to nature, boosts fitness, and fits into every budget. Most importantly, outdoor travel is trending in the new normal because it lowers the risk of infections as the virus continues to be a concern. Not surprisingly, everyone wants to join the bandwagon with a trip to the wild. But you can think beyond camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing to make the experience more exciting. Here are a few proven ways to take the fun and excitement to the next level. 

Choose an appropriate destination

Choosing the appropriate destination for your nature adventure is the key to having a great one. Beginners must opt for tried and tested trails, but seasoned enthusiasts can travel to offbeat destinations to enhance the thrill. But safety should always be on top of your mind when exploring the wild. Research your destination and check the activity options to plan an exciting trip.

Be open to possibilities

Making your outdoor trip more enjoyable is about being open to possibilities. You may ask a friend to join at the last moment, change your itinerary, or try something impromptu while you are there. Find a reliable tour guide who can show you the hidden gems in the area or follow maps and local tips to add an element of surprise to the trip. Once again, double-check your safety readiness because it matters the most.

Growing up I lived in Florida for ten years of my life. In all that time, I went on many boat rides in all shapes and sizes. My first fishing trip actually was when I was seven years old and I caught a Sunfish. Believe me, as a kid I was so proud of myself!

Another boating trip I remember was as a second grader when we went on a field trip to an island. We got there by boat and our entire class could fit on it! That trip was very fun and I'll never forget dancing when I got off the boat!

And of course like any other Floridian, my dad and I went on a lot of Everglades Airboat Tours together. For some reason, I loved alligators growing up so seeing them always made my day!

But while boating can be fun, it can also be very dangerous. Boating is a leading cause of injury or death in recreation so here are some safety tips for boating that you should always consider.

  1.  Don't drink and drive a boat
  2. Wear a life vest at all times
  3. Know the rules of navigation on the waterways
  4. Check the weather before you leave
  5. Take a boater safety course
  6. Always keep safety equipment on board
  7. Don't speed
  8. Keep paddles and an anchor on board in case the motor stops working
  9. Always have a way to call for help with you
  10. Keep a weather radio on board
Following these tips can help you have a fun boating experience this upcoming summer! If you're looking for a top boilie company then make sure to do that before leaving for your trip too!