A Guide to Keeping Your Home Organized


It always feels easier to relax in a living space that is clean and tidy, and this can be a goal that a lot of people strive to meet. However, it can also be easy to find your house in disarray, particularly if you haven’t had a lot of time to do the chores or it’s been a while since you have had a good spring clean. If you are feeling fed up with a home that feels chaotic rather than calm, then try these things you can do to help your home stay organized.

Tidy as You Go

Where possible, try to make more of an effort to tidy your home as you go. This could be putting junk mail into the recycling rather than leaving it lying on the table unopened for days or getting rid of other clutter throughout the week. Doing this can make it much easier when it comes to doing a deeper clean at the weekend, saving you time and effort on the days when you just want to relax.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Some properties will come with a lot of closet space that you can utilize, or you might have a basement or attic where you can keep items you don’t use every day. However, for smaller properties or homes without these as an option, you might find it more difficult to keep things neatly hidden away. This is why investing in storage solutions is worthwhile, whether it’s some boxes that can be placed under your bed or a bench with a storage space built-in for your hallway. Shelving units with cupboards can also be beneficial, or even these cute weave baskets from Curio Collective.

Take a More Minimalist Approach

Another great way to keep your home organized is to take a more minimalist approach to your living space. Reducing the amount of clutter that you have in your house can make your living environment feel bigger and fresh, as well as make it much easier to clean and organize. You don’t have to strip things back entirely but think twice about buying another candlestick or some other item that will sit around gathering dust.

Categorize Your Items

You might also find that categorizing your items in rooms like the kitchen can help you stay more organized. For example, have one cupboard where you keep your spices and herbs and another for baking ingredients. You could also do this with your bookshelves, arranging titles in alphabetical order or by author. This might not be appropriate for everything in your home, but it can certainly make finding certain items a quicker process.

Sort Through Your Belongings Twice a Year

You can choose to do this once a year if you would prefer, but aiming to sort through your belongings twice annually might be better for bigger households with more to organize. Getting rid of unwanted items can help free up a lot of space, and this process can also allow you to keep track of what you have in the house and what you might need.

If you want to keep your home more organized, use this quick guide as a starting point and see how it can make a difference.