How To Recognize Church Leadership Potential In Your Child


Every child is unique, and their personality differs despite sharing the same values and upbringing. Some kids are born leaders, while others inherently follow their siblings. You may have a future church leader in the family, so it is vital to recognize the skills and qualities of your children. As a parent, you must do your bit to nurture these skills and help blessed children find their true calling. You will probably notice that the kid is different from peers and siblings early, but there are chances to miss out if you are not watchful enough. Here are some tips to recognize church leadership potential in your child.

They have charisma

A person with a leadership penchant is inherently charismatic because the quality draws others to them. Your child may naturally seem to attract others when they are with siblings, friends, or a peer group in the playground. Pay attention to charisma when your kid is effortlessly popular everywhere. Providing guidance and input can help them make the most of this quality.

They are empathic

Kids tend to be selfish as they prioritize their needs, but a child with church leadership potential is different. You will notice empathy in their behavior and actions right from an early age. Empathic people think beyond their personal desires and recognize the needs of others. An empathic kid feels happy to share things with siblings, give away stuff to the needy, and help a neighbor in small ways. Such traits just exist in gifted children, and you need not nurture them.

They are keen to learn

Born leaders are keen to learn, so they find lessons in everyday life and from their mistakes. As a parent, you can encourage them by being there to answer their questions and help them grow. They may also want to invest in formal discipleship training once they find their calling in the church. You can contribute to their growth by helping them strengthen their knowledge over the years.

They are courageous

A child with church leadership potential seems to be more courageous than other kids. Their natural fearlessness may sound daunting to adults, but the strength is worth developing if they use it for a good cause. You may notice that your child dares to pick their battles and do the right things, even if it makes them unpopular. They may even go against social conventions or think beyond their safety when it comes to pursuing what they consider right.

They are born with strong values

If you have a future church leader in your family, you will not need to teach them moral values. They are born with strong values such as self-awareness, resilience, passion, integrity, humility, and gratitude. The child appears mature beyond the years from an early age. You will see the difference because these unique traits become more prominent as the kid grows up.

Great leaders are born with leadership traits, and these qualities show up in their raw form at a young age. Parents must identify the potential and help kids to strengthen these attributes. There is nothing wrong with treating them a little differently, so do not feel guilty about it!