How Being Cozy is Good for Your Health


Thanks to the pandemic and the general intolerance of commuter high heels, comfort has fast become a fashion statement that many of us can get on board with. Jeans are now for “dressing up,” and anything that does not resemble the material of a pajama is a waste of time – and there is good reason for it. 

There is a biological urge to be comfortable and cozy, and it does wonders for one’s mental wellbeing, especially if you are feeling stressed, and this piece will look at what that means for your health and how you can achieve it.

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Hygge is Here to Stay

Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, and while their exceptional health care system, above-average wage, and minimal crime rates will have something to do with it, they also live by a concept called Hygge. Hygge is something you can do for yourself and focuses on the little things in life, bringing you joy and happiness. This could be anything from picking flowers, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, or appreciating a good blanket. The whole concept of Hygge is to be comfortable in yourself and your surroundings, along with being present and content.

Try the art of Hygge in your home and see it transform into a space that you will not want to leave.

Create a Cozy Environment

One of the easiest ways to create comfort in your life is to focus on your environment. Having a cozy environment can reduce the adrenal stress response, which can make you anxious and irritable, and this can be particularly important to have as a place of retreat.

Think about what comfort and coziness means to you, along with what style you would like to see your home or a room as, and build a plan to create yourself a safe space.

Consider unique, comfortable furniture pieces such as those from Ligne Roset Hampstead, which are designed to be the ultimate comfortable and stylish solution. Incorporate different blankets, throws, cushions, and other pieces that can be relaxing, such as candles or low light bulbs, and you have yourself a space where you can unwind.

Don’t forget to pair this with comfort food and feel many of your worries melt away.

A Focus on How You Feel

Our favorite pair of joggers instead of a tight pair of trousers, taking off a bra at the end of the day, or swapping high-heeled boots for sneakers are all examples of how you breathe a sigh of relief from a new comfortable state. Comfort allows us to focus on how you feel and can help you make choices so you can notice when you might not be feeling your best. It is okay to be uncomfortable sometimes, as that can facilitate growth, but it is also important not to forget that many times you work your best when you are not distracted by being uncomfortable in whatever way.