Do you feel constantly fatigued? These could be the reasons!


Women wear several hats to perform their duties. It helps them maintain a balance in their personal and professional lives. It is one of the main reasons why women feel tired and low on energy. But, fatigue should not be an everyday fight. Your body adapts to your routine and keeps recharging itself. 

Most people do not think of getting a medical checkup even when they feel tired. It is because they perceive fatigue as a symptom of their busy life. Yet, if you follow a healthy lifestyle and generally keep fit, you should not be drained. There must be some underlying reasons for this tiredness in your body. One of them is that you demand a lot more from your body than the care your offer. This article mentions the common causes of your constant tiredness. Read on to know how you can handle them.

How is fatigue triggered in your body?

Fatigue results from a busy schedule wherein you have no time to rest. It can be because of several reasons, such as:

  • lifestyle changes

  • lack of sleep

  • acute or chronic illness

  • stressful events, etc.

You can feel mental, physical, and emotional tiredness. It is okay to feel tired once or twice in a few days. But, it is a matter of concern if you have chronic fatigue. It can lead to body pain, loss of concentration, and depression. You may want to consult a physician to diagnose the reason for chronic tiredness.

What can be the potential reasons for chronic fatigue?

The reasons vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle, general health, and diet conditions. Find out your reasons here!

  • Depression

Studies state that depression is one of the major reasons people feel tired. You may feel depressed, sad, and anxious over some life decision. It is vital to handle these underlying issues; it can help reduce tiredness symptoms. You can figure out the stressor by answering some questions about your recent life changes. It can be related to work and life in general. You can then work on them and improve your condition.

  • Hormonal imbalance

You are likely to suffer from hormonal imbalance if you are constantly tired. Fatigue is one of the major consequences of misproportion in hormones. You need to visit a doctor to diagnose this condition. The physician will ask a few questions to nullify other reasons for your problem. He may suggest you take a hormone test to confirm the diagnosis and start with the right treatment. The test will mention the levels of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and more. It will aid the doctor in penning down a fruitful treatment for you.

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Tiredness can lead you to not wanting to move your body; however, it could be vice versa. Your sedentary lifestyle can cause chronic fatigue in your body. Whether the primary or the latter, you must realize that exercising is crucial to leading a healthy life. Studies suggest that people with constantly tired feelings started feeling much better and more energetic after working out. You do not have to immediately enter the gym and shoot a HIIT session. Instead, you can start small such as walking, skipping, aerobics, etc. It will lead to better sleep quality and energy.

  • Inadequate sleep

Sleep is important to help your body function well. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the day and night sleep cycle. When exposed to light, the body stops the production of melatonin. Thus, you get a night of disturbed sleep. Therefore, doctors suggest turning off the lights in the bedroom to get better sleep.

Various reasons, such as hot flashes, caffeine intake, electronic devices, etc., can hinder sleep quality. It would help if you did not operate electronic devices before bedtime to improve your sleep quality. In addition, ensure to get a minimum of 7 hours of undisturbed sleep as an adult. The pleasingly you sleep, the more energetic you will wake up.

  • Anemia

Another reason for chronic fatigue could be iron deficiency. Menstruation, menopause, hormonal imbalance, and other conditions could lead to low iron levels in the blood. Females need more iron in their diet than men to maintain the required levels. If you feel you are anemic, you should consult your doctor. They will suggest a simple blood test to detect the flaw. In the meantime, you should eat iron-rich food such as red meats, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruits.

Final thoughts

Experts suggest that people must never accept a life of fatigue. If you are sleeping well, resting enough, eating good food, and keeping healthy in general, but still tired, you must make an appointment with your physician to detect the cause. Tiredness can have multiple reasons and can also be a symptom of an underlying disease.