Newborn Babies Essential: A Complete List of All Must-Have Items


There are several things that you must have when preparing for your baby's arrival. These preparations will range from gathering gear for sleeping, diapering, and eating to setting up the nursery.

The process might keep you occupied since the number of baby supplies newborn needs can take you by surprise. So how do you know which are the essential baby items you need to get?

Read on to find a complete list of items your baby needs.

  • Baby Clothes

Brands organize their baby clothes by either size or age (three months, six months, nine months, and twelve months). So when visiting a children's boutique, you should look for clothes that show the height and weight guidelines to help you get the best fit.

You should also purchase from the boutique baby clothes like sleepers, stretchy pants or leggings, hats, booties or socks, outer layers, and bodysuits.

  • Diapers

Baby diapers are another newborn essential. Choosing the correct type of baby diaper can be pretty stressful and confusing. But, if you are torn between using disposable or cloth diapers, you should select one that works for your lifestyle and family.

However, some mothers usually use a combination of disposable and cloth. So you can try them out and see what suits you best. Included in this category that you might also need are a changing pad or table, diaper bag, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, and diaper pail.

  • Baby gear

Baby gear items like cribs also top the checklist of essentials when it comes to baby essentials. A baby usually sleeps for about 16 hours a day, so they would need a safe crib to sleep in.

Though gears can be expensive, you can get one that you can use for years if you select one that can be used as a toddler bed and a daybed. In addition, there are models you can later convert into full-sized beds.

Additionally, for instance, when getting gears like a crib, stroller, or carrier, it's best if they meet every latest safety standard. Also, other sleeping extras that you can get include beddings, bassinets, baby swaddles, wearable blankets, sound machines, and nightlights.

  • Bathing

Newborn babies usually have sponge baths at first till the umbilical cord falls off. However, you will eventually need to get a sort of tub or seat for bathing.

So when choosing one, ensure it either comes with newborn inserts that suit your baby's size or work for your baby. Other extras that you might get to accompany a baby tub include shampoo and soap, infant baby towels, wash cloths, bath toys, a bath thermometer,


From baby feeding supplies to playtime gear, nursery needs, and clothing, there are many essentials, accessories, and valuable extras you need to get for your baby during preparation. However, you will have a lot to do when your baby's birth date draws closer, and assembling these essentials can be an intimidating task.

So, you can use the checklist mentioned above to find out what you will require during the first three months of your baby's birth and other extras that you should consider.