Launching A Business Abroad- How An Italian Investor Visa Gives A Great Start


Passionate entrepreneurs are keen to step out of their comfort zones, whether it is about exploring a unique business idea or reaching a new market. Some go one step ahead by launching a venture in another country. Success can come easily if you are focused and strategic, but it begins with choosing the right destination. 

Italy is one of the best countries for global entrepreneurs because it has a broad market, easy regulations, and an excellent lifestyle. Moreover, the Italian investor visa simplifies and speeds up the immigration process. If you want to know the route better, click on this for more details about the entire process. Let us explain how the Italian investor visa gives a great start to entrepreneurs looking to launch a business abroad.

Invest according to your capacity

A common belief about the investor visa is that it is out of reach unless you are a millionaire. But things are quite different with an Italian investor visa as you can actually get it regardless of the cash constraints of a startup business. The eligibility process offers multiple investment alternatives, with €250,000 being the minimum funding alternative. You can check more options too, but the minimum one is always better for aspiring entrepreneurs planning to establish a startup overseas.

Bring funds only after landing

Besides offering an investment alternative for your shoestring budget, the Italian investor visa route also ensures the security of your money. You need not worry about your funds because the actual deposit has to come only after completing the process, landing in Italy, and getting your residence permit. Until then, you only have to prove your financial capacity with bank statements as proof of funds.

Get immense growth opportunities

Another reason global entrepreneurs acclaim the Italian investor visa is that it opens immense growth opportunities. You get a residence permit right after landing in the country. It lets you live and work in the country, set up your venture here, and bring your family to start afresh. The best part is that you get to unlock foreign markets with visa-free travel to the EU as an Italian resident. You can grow your business beyond the local markets and go global in a true sense.

Open the road to citizenship

Being a temporary resident is a reason to worry for a global entrepreneur. The last thing you want to do is wind up a running business and move back home after the expiration of your residence permit. But the Italian investor visa sets up on the road to citizenship. Once you stay in the country for a decade, you can apply for citizenship by naturalization. All you need to do is renew your residence status as required and retain the investment during this period.

If you plan to launch a business abroad, the Italian investor visa is the best way to start. But remember to consult an expert for guidance because even an insignificant error or omission can cause delays and problems. Let a professional handle the process and help you become a citizen eventually.