How To Regain Control Over Intimacy In Your Relationship


Relationship intimacy is tricky as it peaks when you start and wanes over time. Keeping it intact is the key to staying together for the long haul. But it is easier said than done because most couples fail to keep the flame burning over the years. Mutual attraction dip once your love life falls into a routine. Intimacy suffers, even more, when personal and professional responsibilities take the front seat. But you cannot leave your togetherness to chance. A little effort is often enough to regain control over intimacy in your relationship. Here are some tried and tested tips from real couples.

Start with emotional bonding

Emotional bonding and closeness are the cornerstones of physical intimacy. You must work on your emotional connection to improve your relationship in the bedroom. Understand the unspoken needs and expectations of your partner and try your best to match them. Honest conversations give you a good start. But remember to convey the expectations without criticism and blame. You will be in a much better place to rekindle the spark by connecting and attuning to each other's emotions.

Carve out quality time

Not spending time together can hurt your relationship more than you imagine. You may have endless to-do lists, work deadlines, and childcare chores, but do not let them deprive you of moments together. Carve out quality time away from work and kids to focus on each other. You can drive together to work if possible or cook as a duo to squeeze a few moments from your busy schedules every day.

Rekindle your chemistry

Every couple has chemistry when they start a relationship, but it gradually becomes less visible as the years fly by. The best way to rework your chemistry is by rekindling the spark in the bedroom. Make the moments special by being more adventurous. You can embark on a new journey with a real whizzinator XXX, role-playing, and kinky conversations. Just be experimental and shed your inhibitions to feel like your old self.

Touch more often

You can rework physical intimacy outside the bedroom too. Touching, hugging, and holding hands can release oxytocin and lower the levels of cortisol hormone. Both hormones are vital for couples looking to regain closeness in their love lives. While more oxytocin promotes calmness, a reduction in cortisol lowers the stress level. Both ways, you feel happy with your partner and move a step closer to a healthy relationship.

Pick a hobby together

Picking a hobby together does more than enable you to spend quality time with your partner. The right one can actually get you close physically, and you feel the attraction levels soaring again. Try something involving physical connection, such as swimming, dancing, and power yoga.

Relationships thrive on physical intimacy, and couples should go the extra mile to preserve it over the years. You can rely on these therapist-recommended tips to keep the spark alive over the years.