How Mommies Can Ace Self-Care On A Solo Trip


Mommies deserve a break more than anyone else because parenting is stressful. Combine it with the endless workload at home and career challenges, and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. But taking time off to unwind can help you stay sane and happy even in the challenging role of a mommy. An occasional solo trip can be therapeutic, so let your partner manage home and kids and embark on one without guilt. Even better, make it a wellness break and give yourself all the self-care you deserve. Here are some actionable tips mommies can follow to ace self-care on a solo trip.

Book a vacation at a wellness spa

The wellness travel trend is booming, and you can easily find a hotel or resort that offers services to pamper you during your solo break. Book a weekend at a wellness spa and enjoy the relaxing massages, aromatherapy sessions, and yoga classes. Catch up on your sleep and experience ultimate relaxation for your body and mind. You may have to shell out a considerable sum for the trip, but it is worthwhile.

Plan an outdoor trip nearby

If you are a nature lover or an adventure junkie, an outdoor trip makes an excellent option. It is a chance to reconnect with yourself and relish the sunshine, fresh air, and nature. But remember to pick a safe and popular trail for camping and hiking because safety matters the most for women solo travelers. Carry your maps and refresh your navigation skills, as the last thing you want is to lose your way in the middle of nowhere.

Indulge in a 420-friendly break

A cannabis break is another great way to pamper yourself on a solo trip as a mommy. Since cannabis is legal in several states, finding a 420-friendly accommodation shouldn't be a problem. But check your strains and doses before indulging in a session as you must be on the right side of the safety rules. A strain with more THC content is ideal for relaxation, while a CBD-dominant one boosts your energy levels. Pick the one that matches your self-care expectations to have a good time.

Disconnect and relax

Managing a career, home, and childcare at the same time is taxing. You can rely on gadgets and tech tools to keep track of task lists and stay connected. But too much tech can get on your nerves. Commit to disconnecting and relaxing during your solo trip. Avoid calling your kids repeatedly or spending too much time on social media. Lock away your devices and spend time with yourself.

Ditch mommy guilt

Getting away from home is not easy, even when your partner takes over the childcare role happily. You may end up facing mommy guilt, and it can ruin your solo trip. Ditch the feeling and focus on having a good time because you deserve it as much as anyone else. The right mindset is as much a part of self-care as anything else, so purge the negative thoughts and let your mind free.

A mommy solo trip is the best form of self-care by itself. But you can go the extra mile to pamper yourself with these actionable steps. Try them the next time you plan to take a break from your duties.