A Guide To Encourage Your Children To Care For Nature & The Environment


Thankfully, more and more people across the length and breadth of the country and beyond each and every single day are finally waking up to the importance of taking care of the environment and ‘doing their bit’ for the preservation of various endangered species.

It is never too early to instill an environmentally-friendly state of mind into your children so, with this in mind, continue reading to learn how to encourage your children to care for nature and the environment.

  • Go For Nature Walks

Walking is not only one of the best possible forms of exercise to promote, manage, maintain and even improve physical health, but mental wellbeing as well.

Subsequently, there can be no better activity to embark upon with your child than a brisk and refreshing walk, whether that be in a local woodland or forest or even around a block or two around your local neighborhood.

Taking regular walks with your young children will also expose them to different plants and wildlife, and you will be effortlessly able to combine fresh air and exercise, bonding time and educational snippets of information as you explore the area.

  • Create A Sensory Experience

Right from the first few weeks of your beautiful baby being born, the more natural a nursing and nurturing experience you choose to create, the more likely your child will grow to appreciate and naturally want to protect, the world around them.

When designing their nursery room, choosing an ocean, wildlife or nature theme is a fantastic place to start. Make sure that all furniture is made from eco-friendly and wholly sustainable woods, such as bamboo, oak, mahogany, pine, white ash and maple. Concerning textured and practical fabrics, invest in some beautiful and durable baby blankets and a wipe-clean changing mat. These baby nursery crib sheets are not only incredibly practical but come in a range of wonderful designs, including, you guessed it, nature designs and wildlife prints.

  • Sustainable Baby Clothing & Accessories

Obviously, no one is expecting even the greatest child prodigy to be aware of the organic sustainability of their clothing and toys, but it is true to say that when choosing what to dress your baby or toddler in will certainly create trends and preferences as they grow older.

When shopping for eco-friendly, durable, practical and of course comfortable clothing for your babies and young children, there are a plethora of sustainable and eco-friendly baby clothing and accessories brands to look out for.

  • Raise Green-Fingered Children

Another fantastically effective and also incredibly affordable way to not only encourage your children to become more aware of the importance of nature and wildlife conservation but to also actively participate in fighting for the cause is to encourage your children to be inspired by and passionate about gardening.

From watching tadpoles turn into frogs and building worm houses and observing how they interact and enrich the soil to planting vegetables and herbs and learning how to grow their own food, there is so much to learn and enjoy in your very own backyard, both for you and your children.