Sustainability and Parenthood


More and more people are choosing to be sustainable these days, but where do you start? It can be overwhelming at first, especially since you need to rethink the way you live your daily life. When you're a parent, you get the extra challenge of incorporating sustainability into not only your life but your children's life too.

Time for Some Metal!

Starting with consumption, here are a few ways to ensure the way you eat and drink can be as eco-friendly as possible. Reusable water bottles are rising in popularity in stores, with many people preferring them over buying the typical bottled water. Metal and glass bottles are fantastic choices when it comes to reusability; however, for the safety of your children, it's best to stick to metal bottles. Packing their lunchboxes with a reusable metal bottle is a step in the right direction, and it even saves money.

Zero-Waste, Zero Guilt

Here's a fun idea, take your kids on a little trip to a farmers' market. Not only are you spending some quality time with them, but you're also teaching them about fresh ingredients that can be used to cook from scratch. Get them involved in meal prep. It will be such a wonderful bonding time and will educate them further. Prioritize buying organic ingredients, don't forget your reusable fruit and veg bag, and try your best to participate in zero waste, especially when it comes to your food. Don't throw your food away. Use the leftovers in meals for the rest of the week. Vegetable peels and fruit skin can be used as compost too, which means if you have a garden, you can even grow your food.

Hop on the Vegan Train; the Next Stop is Sustainability!

Buying organic alternatives isn't just limited to what you consume. There is a wide variety of organic and vegan clothing and items. Vegan substitutes are so much more accessible nowadays, from vegan burgers to vegan leather. This means that you can purchase vegan shoes for your kids to help keep their feet protected. If you've got a baby, you'll need a sturdy and functional bag to carry those pesky spare diapers, possibly a blanket or spare toy to keep your little one amused. Luckily for you, vegan leather exists, which makes the perfect durable bag, like this leather diaper backpack. Organic cotton baby clothing is also a great option. Not only is it safe and soft on your baby's delicate skin, but it's incredibly sustainable and good for the planet.

Park the car for a while

Consider opting for public transport rather than driving a car. While public transport still contributes to pollution, it reduces the amount of traffic on the road, meaning fewer pollutants are being released into the air. A bicycle is even better if your destination is within cycling distance. You can rest assured that you are choosing a super sustainable form of transport. It's important to realize that you don't always need a vehicle to get you from A to B. Walking not only prevents any harm to the planet, but it also has huge benefits to your health, getting your heart pumping and giving you a session of cardio.

There are so many options to live a sustainable life while being a parent. It doesn't have to be hard. Following this guide will help you to make those vital changes to help save the planet and do your part.