Finishing Touches to Create a Magical Wedding Day


No matter how long you have been planning your wedding day, you want to ensure that it is truly special. Pulling together your wedding day and making it truly magical and special is easier to do when you focus on the finishing touches. The smaller things and little touches can often make the biggest impact on your day and on your memories. So, when it comes to creating a truly magical day, what should you be thinking about.

Your Hairstyle

Whether you have short hair or long hair, how you wear your hair can influence what your dress looks like, and most importantly, how you feel. Your wedding day is not the day to start experimenting with new styles and new looks, and this is why you must decide on a hairstyle before your big day (and, of course, try it out). When your hair feels good and looks good, you feel fantastic. So, what do you envision your hair will look like, and will you be doing your own hair on the day, or will you be looking to get a hairstylist involved?

The Makeup That You Wear

Just like your hair has an impact on how you feel and look, so too does your makeup. Do you want to have subtle makeup on the day, or are you looking for something that is striking and that makes heads turn? Whether you are planning on doing your makeup or not, there are lots of useful makeup tips for your wedding day that you can start experimenting with and trying for yourself. Deciding how you want to do your makeup and getting an idea about colors and tones will leave you feeling both comfortable and confident.

Food, Drink, and Cake

The cake is often a centerpiece at your wedding, and you can have whatever cake you like. You don’t just have to stick with a fruitcake. You could go for a mixture if you wanted to. You also don’t have to go for a tiered cake. You could choose to have a smaller cake and then go for smaller cupcakes for guests. As there are so many choices and styles of cakes to choose from, you need to start thinking about what you would enjoy seeing (and eating). After all, it has to taste as good as it looks.

Table Decor

No matter how big or small your wedding is, how the tables look and how they are laid out is important. When you have a theme to follow, wedding table decor and design is a lot easier. So, do you want large floral centerpieces to dominate the tables? Or are you going to create a photo board for people to look at enjoying? Or perhaps you are looking to keep things a little bit plainer and simpler, perhaps by following a rustic theme? How do you want your tables to look? Even the little favors or gifts for guests can change how a table feels, so don’t overlook even the smallest of details.