How to Make a Fashion Statement This Winter


Your talents as a fashionista do not have to suffer just because the cold winter weather has rolled around once more, nor do you have to sacrifice comfortability in order to make a statement.

The measure of the true fashion-forward individual is their ability to look stylish no matter the season.

Come rain or shine, here are some top tips to help you make the ideal wardrobe decisions this winter. 


Big wooly sweaters and voluptuous padded coats can be both warm and stylish, especially if you go for a sophisticated monochromatic look.

Oversizing your top half’s garments can be quite the statement, and it’s in fashion. Plus, it keeps you nice and warm while managing to retain elegance by giving your look a sense of fluidity, particularly if you go for some sleek woolen leggings for some juxtaposition.

There is no need to be afraid of choosing whacky color combinations either; whether or not it works is all in the way it’s styled; just take a look at this great guide on How to mix and match patterns for your outfit.

Long-Sleeved Dresses

There is no need to let your arms freeze off for the sake of a dress, especially when some gorgeous long-sleeved dresses exist.

They are a true classic, and if you felt like splashing out for a new wardrobe edition, the long-sleeved dress is exceptionally versatile, so you will likely find a time to wear it no matter the season.

90’s Nostalgia

The fashionable (or unfashionable, depending on how you look at it) world of 90’s revival is full of winning looks, provided you want to jump on the trendy bandwagon.

While your authentic pair of 90s jeans may be the original deal, it might not make the grade when compared to an ultra-modern, sleeker reimagining on the current market.

The looser fit, complete with grunge-inspired rips, are perfect for the winter months, as they allow you some extra space to let a flash of bright legging shine through from underneath.

You could even flip the script and find some inspiration from the fashion trends that were around the year you were born.

Wool-Lined Leather Leggings

Almost a tongue-twister, wool-lined leather leggings look mightily sharp. They emanate a sense of effortless cool and audacity, everything a worthy fashion statement should rightly be, and more.

The wool-lined option will ensure that you never need to get your legs too close to the winter weather so that you might keep stylish and warm at the same time.

Bold Colors

In an effort to avoid blending into your natural surroundings and becoming inadvertently ignored as a result of accidental camouflage, why not ditch the traditional winter/autumnal colors and wear some bright and striking colors?

Colors have long been a great way to make a big and bold fashion statement, and the winter season should not have to stop you from doing that!

A good way to add life to your leggings is to let the socks do the talking. Jet black leggings in some outrageously bright socks can be the flash of brilliance that catches the eye and makes a beautiful understatement.