4 Reasons to Get Cosmetic Dental Surgery


When it comes to your appearance, you likely take great pride in your smile. However, if your teeth are looking worse for the wear or if they have never quite looked the way you always wanted them to, you might find yourself considering your options when it comes to cosmetic dental surgery.

Cosmetic dental surgery is an elective course of treatment that doesn’t necessarily have to do with your oral health and hygiene status. Rather, such surgeries are mainly geared towards improving the aesthetic appearance of your smile. This can help you to have more confidence in your smile and be excited to show it off.

However, not all issues with your teeth require cosmetic surgery to correct them. Here are four of the main reasons you might be hoping to undergo cosmetic dental surgery in your pursuit of obtaining the smile of your dreams.

1. Tooth Gaps

Tooth gaps are not an uncommon thing. For some people, a tooth gap might have been around for as long as they can remember. Although most tooth gaps are minor and don’t require any serious course of action, others can be rather unsightly.

If you would like to have your tooth gap corrected, you should speak to your dentist about your options. It is likely that you will be asked to consider dental veneers in Plano to close your gap. Veneers can provide you with additional width to your teeth that will look natural and seamless alongside your natural teeth.

2. Cracked Teeth

Another reason why you might wish to consider cosmetic dental surgery is when you have noticeable cracks in your teeth. These can occur over time when you are in the habit of grinding your teeth or if you experienced some sort of trauma that caused the damage to occur.

Cracked teeth can be repaired in several different ways depending on the severity of the damage. For example, you might be able to get by with a simply tooth-colored filling, or you might need a new veneer. Talk to your dentist about what course of action would be right for you.

3. Broken Tooth

If your tooth is actually broken as opposed to simply cracked, this is another reason why you might wish to consider dental surgery. A broken tooth should be repaired for reasons other than simply improving the way it looks. The overall health of your tooth will likely need to be assessed in such a scenario as well.

One likely outcome is that your dentist will recommend a new crown or ‘cap’ for your broken tooth. This will help to repair its integrity and strength in addition to fixing the way that it looks.

4. Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, cosmetic dental surgery might be right for you. However, even though you can maintain your oral health if you are missing a tooth, it can be rather uncomfortable and unsightly.

Your dentist can implant a false tooth in your mouth to replace the one you lost that can match your existing teeth for a natural, seamless look.